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Highborne Of stormscale was founded in June 2011 by a small group of friends.

   we are a 10 man raiding guild looking to Clear current content and beyond for a long time to come.
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Shannox Dead

tankuid, Jul 25, 11 8:50 AM.
With Beth tilac down we had to push on and we decided to push on trash was cleared fast and we worked out quickly how to get the dogs handled and on our final attempt of the evening he fell to us and we collected some of his goodies Well done well done guys.

Tonight we push for some more bosses......


Spider goes splat.

tankuid, Jul 20, 11 6:26 AM.
Having a 4% wipe was eating at most of us in the guild so last night we decided to go back to Firelands and squash the bug once and for all.

Being an extra raid day the pure goal was to splat that bloody spider boss and get a much needed Firelands kill. We did this with no trouble 3rd attempt we got the spider. This was a good clean kill for us guys the previous night of wiping was put to good use.

We have passed the first stone on our way to becoming a top guild on the server.

As we got the chimeron achievement this was a server 5th we should be proud of that either many guilds did not try or they simple could not do it. either way we beat nearly all of them to it :D 

Overall guys a good job all round lets push now for more BWD/BOT/TO4W achievements and additional Fireland kills who knows we could have our raiding drakes sooner then we think :D.

4% a bloody gain

tankuid, Jul 19, 11 4:52 AM.
Last night we concluded our first night of Firelands as a guild and we progressed on Beth'tilac or we should of had we not had our what now appears to be a tradition for the guild of a less then 5% wipe.......

  We know have the beth'tilac tactics sorted so our next visit to firelands I am 100% sure we will get her and then we can spend a night on Ryholith and shannox.

Raid was fun no doubt even with the boss healing for 20% on our 4% wipe we was just unlucky. 

The answer to who would win in a feral vs feral fight,

tankuid, Jul 15, 11 2:25 PM.


tankuid, Jul 6, 11 3:36 AM.
Another successful raid we are now 12/12 and many in the guild have earned there defender of a shattered world title.

Now we push for Heroics over the next few weeks..

Lets see if we can push for 6/13 over the next two weeks.
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We are currently recruiting a Restoration Shaman.

Requirements minimum pve gear raid ready.

Some Cataclysm raiding experience is preferred but we will look at all applications.
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